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美国留学在American University美利坚大学就田斌健康猫读是怎样一番领会,【携尔留学】给预备请求美利坚大学的同学们翻译收拾了美利坚大学的学生点评。

1.Acad近邻小姐姐emics: The School of International Service is number 10 in the nation and rising! The undergraduate international studies degree an interdisciplinary program that forces you to look at aspects within international stu何润东的老婆dies that go beyond your intended focus. At first this really bothered me, why do I have to take a class on X if I want to study Y? Although the more classes I have take the more advanced my perspective becomes. It is an effective system. SIS is arguably the best school within the university. Most 2nd semester freshman are able to find internships through their amazing career center. The career advisors are realistic and show results. Every professor I have had in SIS is an expert in their field, written books, and still conduct research for their studies. They teach classes that they are passionate about and this lingers with the students. There can be a lot of work, it can be essay heavy. The first semester really chall姜振来enged some people, but if this is truly your passion, you will make it through!


2.Academics: The academics品德的火焰,【大学介绍】在美利坚大学就读是怎样一番领会,竹叶青 offer tons of great, specialized opportunities for students. This is the reason I came to American University, and it hasn't disappointed me yet. It's too bad that the poor service of the administrative overshadows how great this school is academically.


3.Academics: I think the academics are okay. I'm in IR, whic50plush is a popular major. All of the professors I've had have had a "teach yourself" attitude, which is really frustrating when I'm paying so much money to go to this school. I haven't really liked or had a span connection to any of my professors, even after visiting them in office hours. The work load seems really disproportionate to what is taught in class. For each class I get assign品德的火焰,【大学介绍】在美利坚大学就读是怎样一番领会,竹叶青ed 4 hours of reading a week, minimum刘海燕理科. I'm really passionate about this topic, but I hate having to teach myself all the material.


4.Academics: Depending on the school, some academic programs/professors are more reputable than others. Overall the work load is heavy, but you learn a lot.


5.Majors: Most people here pursue something in either communication or politics. AU is known for these concentrations, although they have other prog洪真英三级rams. IR is a difficult and demanding program, though, so you should be prepared if that is your interest,


6.Majors: American University's School of International Studies is world renowned and has a great program for it. The professors are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and wish to impart that on the students


7.Majors: Definitely a liberal arts school, but AU has a decent math and statistics program. The SIS is one of the top in the country and there is also a really span journalism program.


8.Div品德的火焰,【大学介绍】在美利坚大学就读是怎样一番领会,竹叶青ersity: AU is one of the most diverse schools ever, st品德的火焰,【大学介绍】在美利坚大学就读是怎样一番领会,竹叶青atistically. But personality-wise, everyone is pretty much the same, with the same goals, so it's very competitive. But you'll find people of all kinds of sexuality金南智, gender, race, religion, and political beliefs. But students tend to all lean towards either academics or partying, with not a lot of artists or athletes in the mix.


9.Diversity: Diversity is better than ave王玮瑛rage. However, AU has many problems in regard to being more helpful toward students with disabilities. If you have even a minor disability I would consider another school or some HEAVY research before accepting AU.And while the general student body is diverse, the friend groups are not. Black christians still mostly hang out with other black christians and white atheists hang out with other white atheists, etc. This is not necessarily a bad thing but socially AU is less diverse than they would have you think.


10.Athletics: Nobody r摸摸舞厅eally cares about sports on our campus. This is not like a big state school. Not many people care about the basketball team, and we don't have a football team. One thing our school lacks is school pride.


11.Campus Food: I am a vegetarian and really, really like eating healthy food. For me, Fr品德的火焰,【大学介绍】在美利坚大学就读是怎样一番领会,竹叶青eshii was always the best option. However, they were usually out of tofu or falafel, which was super irritating. I ate at TDR a bit, but then stopped going second semester. It was just kind of time consuming and I got tired of the food. However, they do make a good effort to offer a variety. Ultimately timing is eve品德的火焰,【大学介绍】在美利坚大学就读是怎样一番领会,竹叶青rything.


12.Campus Food: Campus food is alright. Like on any college campus, there is only so much to choose from, and boredom is inevitable. TDR isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.... yet can be awful at times. TDR and the tavern, etc can all be super busy in the afternoon and dinner, so finding spots to eat can be tough. Over all what is the worst is that there are so few healthy options, and although there's some gluten-free stuff in TDR, I really feel bad for you if you're vegan, you'll be totally screwed. At AU, it's the freshmen 15, and then some... thanks, Starbucks.


13.Campus Housing: Campus housing at AU is fairly comparable to most college dorms. Anderson and Letts are the most common freshman dorms, the latter being newer. (Anderson was first to be renovated and thus last to be "second" renovated.) Even though Anderson is older, it was still clean, and the rooms were super large. I lived in a double on the fourth floor, and it was lovely. Communal living was not always my favorite simply because we did not have our own bathroom, but 阴栓the rooms, as I mentioned, were very spacious and clean. My roommate and I also lucked out because we overlooked the "LA Quad" (greenery/street between Anderson and Letts), so we have a lovely view. The lounge was also nice as well as the study room. Nothing truly stood out, but they served their purposes and were very helpful when it came to wanting to make a home-cooked meal, catch up on a television show, or find a quiet place to study.

校园住宿:美国大学的校园住宿状况和许多高等校园仍是很有可比性的。一般大多数的大一重生都住在 Anderson 和 Letts其间letts 更新一些。( Anderson是首要补葺的,因而也是最终一个“第2次”创新的)尽管,Anderson是更旧一些,但仍是很洁净,宿舍房间都很宽阔。我住过一个坐落四层的双人间,房间很不错。群居不是我最喜爱的寓居方法,只是由于咱们没有自己的的卫生间,可是宿舍房间,像我说过的那样,都十分宽阔十分洁净。我和室友十分走运,由于咱们能够俯视“LA Quad”(Anderson和 Letts之间的绿荫行/大街,如此一来咱们便能够看到许多美景。歇息室和学习室也十分好。尽管没什么很杰出的当地,但全部都物尽其用,当你想自己动手做一顿饭,看一个电视节目,或许找个安静的当地学习的时分,那些物件还都很有协助的。

14.Campus Housing: The dorms were convenient because they're all on the edge of the campus. They are clean, as you get older your choices get even better. But even the freshman dorms were not that bad. Especially for freshman, it was a great social atmosphere and I met some of my best friends on my floor from just hanging out in the lounge.


15.Guys & Girls: There are two girls for every one boy. As a female student this can be very frustrating as your classes have less males or you find most men you meet are gay. (huge gay population for males and females!) But I will say that the city has many schools and chances to meet people. Be aware that this dynamic exists.


16.Guys & Girls:You probably won't find America's Next Top Model here, but it's kind of one of those places where "looks aren't everything". Everyone is pretty ambitious and pass品德的火焰,【大学介绍】在美利坚大学就读是怎样一番领会,竹叶青ionate, which are great qualities. Everyone is always well dressed, you're the odd one out if you wear sweatpants to class and aren't an athlete.


17.Health & Safety: Pretty safe. Some areas could be better-lit and some buildings could remain open later so students coming back to dorms later have a place to rest if they need it. During the winter, the ground is not salted enough and can be unsafe.


18.Health & Safety: This is a politically active school of self aware student constantly fighting issues of sexual assault. There is the danger of being in D.C港居尚雅装饰官网 but never on campus would something like this 马配occur.


19.Administration: Administration does not mess around. Follow the rules, and you'll be good. Don't slack off second semester. If you're caught violating a rule, you will be held accountable for your actions.


20.Administration: With the exception of drinking, cheating, and the usage of drugs, AU is very tolerant of many controversial activities. Students are allowed to protest as much as they want (and often do - there's at least a protest a week) and are allowed to have as many guests as they like for as long as they like, if their room mate consents to it. You are allowed up to 3 absences without penalty, but after that, you may be in danger of failing a class - and you are allowed warnings before you get a citation for noise violations.


21.Transportation: There is a lot of public transportation. Metro and cabs can get you all over the city. There are a few close airports. Parking is a little expensive if you bring a 耶兰提尔car but worth it. There is a bus that can take you from campus to the closest metro stop and it is convenient.


22.Transportation: Transportation is extremely easy! Shuttle will take you to the Tenleytown Metro, which can be taken all over DC, or you can take the bus at any of the locations near school. Great transportation services.

交通:交穿越成双通出行超级简略!校园班车会带你去 Tenley城地铁站,那里能够去DC的任何当地,或许你能够在校园邻近的任何当地乘坐大巴。很棒的交通服务!

23.Local Area: DC is one of the greatest cities in the US, and the world. It is truly unique. There is ALWAYS something to do or some new neighborhood to explore. There are lots of downsides, though. DC is really expensive, and can be unsafe. Transportation in DC exemplifies both of these things. Never go anywhere alone, even if you know the area, it's not worth the risk. Since DC is expensive, it can also be kind of lonely and isolating, like any big city, for people without a lot of money to spare. But t我们说网调地带here are lots of free activities, as long as you can afford transportation. The Smithsonians never get old and there are lots of parks and even forests you can visit. Plus, you can always window shop. Having said that, locals aren't well known for being friendly. It can be hard to make friends in the city, as DC is a very career-oriented spot. The same can be said for dating. The biggest facet of nightlife is drinking. People in DC also tend to be attractive, or at least try to take care of themselves! There's always someone interesting around, that much is for sure.


















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